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  • Beehive Bottom Board Solid

    Beehive Bottom Board Solid

    Designed to fit 10 Frame Langstroth hives and lasts for up to 20 years; spacing on the bottom allows for strapping your hive for transport or wind protection; standard usage is one Bottom Board per hive to be used as a base for your boxes.nullnullSOLID...

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  • Pollen Pattie Feed Suplmnt 1lb

    Pollen Pattie Feed Suplmnt 1lb

    Contains 4% pollen to sustain your new or existing hive. Recommend that you feed in the spring, fall and winter by placing the unwrapped Pollen Pattie directly onto the frames.nullnullPOLLEN PATTIESSize Lb=1

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  • Bee Hive Stand W/frame Rest

    Bee Hive Stand W/frame Rest

    Use to raise any standard Langstroth hive off the ground to prevent water damage and hive invasions. Standard use: one protective hive stand per hive.nullnullBEEHIVE STANDW/FRAME REST

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  • Beehive Bottom Board Screen

    Beehive Bottom Board Screen

    Used to provide ventilation to the hive; the screened bottom board features a sliding solid bottom that allows the beekeeper to control the amount of ventilation without having to disturb the hive; consists of a 45-degree slanted front landing board...

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  • Beehive Box Deep Brood W/frame

    Beehive Box Deep Brood W/frame

    This kit includes an assembled and painted USA Ponderrosa Pine Deep Broad bee box , as well as (10) 9-1/2" assembled and waxed Deep Honey frames with sturdy plastic foundations. Milled and assembled in the USA, the box is fully painted, then quality...

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  • Beehive Box Med W/frame Found

    Beehive Box Med W/frame Found

    Built from Ponderosa Pine and painted with two coats of white exterior latex paint, the box is ready to use as brood chambers in your Standard 6 7/8" 10 Frame Langstroth hive or as honey supers as your hive builds up. Standard use is to continue to add...

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  • Beehive Medium Box Unassembled

    Beehive Medium Box Unassembled

    Should be used as your Honey Supers or add to your hive until you are ready to extract honey. Based on the 6-7/8" 10 Frame Langstroth and made from USA Ponderosa Pine with minimal knots, grade 2 or better, this box works with any Langstroth hive. Handle...

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  • Beehive Top Flat Galv Steel

    Beehive Top Flat Galv Steel

    Constructed of galvanized steel stop a wooden base designed to fit across a standard 10 frame Langstroth Hive and includes a drip edge to protect against the weather and pests; engineered and designed to withstand pressure over 2500 lbs. Standard use:...

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  • Beekeeping Kit Sm W/acc Only

    Beekeeping Kit Sm W/acc Only

    Includes: Outer cover, Inner cover, (1) deep hive body, (1) deep frames with plastic foundation, (1) Bottom board, (1) Entrance reducer, (1) In-hive feeder, (1) 3x6 smoker, 1lb. bag of smoker fuel, (1) 9.5" steel hive tool and (1) bee brush.nullnullSMALL...

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