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  • Pollen Pattie Feed Suplmnt 1lb

    Pollen Pattie Feed Suplmnt 1lb

    Contains 4% pollen to sustain your new or existing hive. Recommend that you feed in the spring, fall and winter by placing the unwrapped Pollen Pattie directly onto the frames.nullnullPOLLEN PATTIESSize Lb=1

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  • Bee Entrance Feeder W/qt Jar

    Bee Entrance Feeder W/qt Jar

    Ideal for feeding bees in Langstroth Top Bar or other non-traditional hives; use outside the hive to refuel your hive; simply fill and attach a standard canning jar for effortless external feeding. Not ideal for colder climates.nullnullBEE ENTRANCE &...

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  • Bee Smoker Standard Medium Ss

    Bee Smoker Standard Medium Ss

    Smoking your hive makes managing the bees inside easier; use to help soothe the colony, relax your hive and prevent aggressive bees. Includes a heat shield and side hook with leather bellows (sometimes referred to as 4X7). Recommend adding 1 Tablespoon...

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  • Beehive Entrance Reducer

    Beehive Entrance Reducer

    Fits the 10 Frame Langstroth hives and seamlessly integrate with all Harvest Lane Honey bottom boards. With a small and medium gap, the reducer can be used to completely close off your hive for transport or as a protection from pesticide spraying...

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  • Beehive Medium Box Unassembled

    Beehive Medium Box Unassembled

    Should be used as your Honey Supers or add to your hive until you are ready to extract honey. Based on the 6-7/8" 10 Frame Langstroth and made from USA Ponderosa Pine with minimal knots, grade 2 or better, this box works with any Langstroth hive. Handle...

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  • Beekeeper Garden Veil W/string

    Beekeeper Garden Veil W/string

    Made of cotton/poly with mesh and drawstring tie at the neck; use as a protective face covering when working with bees or wanting to keep bugs out of your face while in the yard. Fits all sizes. Collapses nicely for easy storage.nullnullBEEKEEPING...

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  • Excluder Queen Bee Metal

    Excluder Queen Bee Metal

    Use with 10 Frame Langstroth hives; place the Queen Excluder between honey and brood chambers to prevent the queen from laying eggs in honey; the excluder will also allow you to find the queen easily on hive inspections. Do not add until the brood is...

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  • Glove Beekeeping Adult Small

    Glove Beekeeping Adult Small

    Protect your hands while working with bees using these heavy-duty goatskin bee gloves; a canvas upper with mesh inserts for venting and goat leather protection for your hands provide the comfort and dexterity you need when handling the various jobs of...

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