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  • Pollen Pattie Feed Suplmnt 1lb

    Pollen Pattie Feed Suplmnt 1lb

    Contains 4% pollen to sustain your new or existing hive. Recommend that you feed in the spring, fall and winter by placing the unwrapped Pollen Pattie directly onto the frames.nullnullPOLLEN PATTIESSize Lb=1

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  • Beehive Medium Box Unassembled

    Beehive Medium Box Unassembled

    Should be used as your Honey Supers or add to your hive until you are ready to extract honey. Based on the 6-7/8" 10 Frame Langstroth and made from USA Ponderosa Pine with minimal knots, grade 2 or better, this box works with any Langstroth hive. Handle...

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  • Frames/foundation Medium

    Frames/foundation Medium

    Resistant to wax moths, long lasting and durable with textured cell pattern; 100% bees was coating. Made in the USA of food grade plastic. Usage: use with 6-1/4" Medium Honey Super and 6-1/4" Frames with Groove Tops and Groove Bottoms.nullnullBEEHIVE...

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