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  • Coating Floor Color Chips Tan

    Coating Floor Color Chips Tan

    Designed to be used with EpoxyShield concrete floor coatings. Sprinkle onto a freshly coated surface. Bonds to wet film to become a permanent part of the coating. Mix and match chip blends to customize your color scheme. Use additional chips for more...

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  • Colormatch Applicator Brush

    Colormatch Applicator Brush

    Applies a consistent even coating thickness. Eliminates expensive mistakes that occur when "finger painting". 10" x 10" x 20".nullnullDRAW DOWN BRUSHCOLORMATCH APPLICATOR

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  • Enamel Repurpose Serenity Qt

    Enamel Repurpose Serenity Qt

    Sticks to any surface without sanding or priming. Levels to a beautiful smooth finish. Durable and scratch resistant.nullnullINTERIOR/EXTERIOR ACRYLIC ENAMEL�REPURPOSE - DIAMOND HARD�SATINQuartColor=Serenity

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  • Finish Hardener Wb Part B 4oz

    Finish Hardener Wb Part B 4oz

    For added protection, chemical resistance and superior durability. For use with Masters Armor only. Provides maximum protection on high traffic floors, bar or table tops.nullnullCLEAR WOOD FINISHHARDENER PART B4 Ounces

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  • Finish Wd Ext Semi Tint Bse 5g

    Finish Wd Ext Semi Tint Bse 5g

    Offers strong protection in rich colors that highlight the grain and texture of a variety of exterior wood surfaces. Ideal for coastal regions or homes near lakes, rivers or heavy vegetation. Highly-durable one-coat penetrating acrylic formula. UV...

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  • Finish Wood Clear Wb Flat Qt

    Finish Wood Clear Wb Flat Qt

    Use to seal and protect surfaces. Can be used on floors, cabinets, furniture or almost any type of woodwork. Enhance wood projects by giving clarity, easy application, fast drying and superior durability.nullnullCLEAR WOOD FINISHINTERIOR -...

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  • Grip Handle Spray Can Indstrl

    Grip Handle Spray Can Indstrl

    Pistol grip handle easily snaps on aerosol cans. Wide, spring-action trigger and unique finger grips provide easy handling and reduced finger fatigue.nullnullSPRAY CAN GRIP HANDLESPRAY GRIP

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